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Solar Collectors
Our solar collectors are manufactured by Rand energy systems Ltd.

Our solar collectors are manufactured of noble materials, according to a proprietary design. Our collectors offer an unmatched level of efficiency and provide a significantly long life.

  • Collector Diagrham and Data Sheet
1. Transparent cover - 4 mm low iron tempered glass with a minimum transmittance of 91.5%.

2. Absorber Plate-
EL-AT SERIES: 0.5 mm full plate aluminum absorber coated in high efficiency blue sputter Titanium Oxide coating welded by laser to the copper risers.
RAL-S and R-S Series: 0.2 cooper strips welded ultrasonically to the copper risers coated in selective chrome coating.
RAL-P and R-P Series: 0.2 mm copper strips welded ultrasonically to copper risers coated in special solar paint.

3. Frame - Collector's frame is available in.
a) Extruded Aluminum, Anodize, or powder paint in standard grey color. Special color according customer requirements availble.
b) Galvanized white prepainted steel.

4. Copper risers -
EL-AT series: 8 mm copper tubes
R-S, RAL-S, RAL-P, R-P: 3/8",1/2" copper tubes.

5. Manifold -
EL-AT series: 22 mm copper tube
R-S, R-P, RAL-S, RAL-P: 7/8" 11/8" copper tubes welded to 3/4" BSP female thread adaptors.

6. Aluminum foil- 100 microns Aluminum foil to protect polyurethane casting.

7. Insulation - CFC Halogen free polyurethane or high density rock wool boards.
EL-AT series: unique mixture of glass wool insulation bonded together with CFC Free high density polyhorytane casting

8. Back plate - P.V.C /Polypropylene or Aluminum sheet.

All collectors undergo test pressure of 12 bars whereas permitted working pressure is 8 bars .

Our new line of collectors the EL-AT Series

Our flat plate collector's copper piping is welded using laser technic. to an Aluminum absorber coated with Titanium Oxide coating with solar absorptance of 95%-97% and emittance of 5% - 7% which ensures high efficiency of the solar collector and effective heat conductivity.

The collector's case is made of extruded aluminum coated in powder paint or anodized .the frame has a very easy and safe fixing fixture using nuts of M8 rivets.

Our unique insulation consist of a mixture of an high density CFC Polyhorytane casting together with glass wool, this insulation ensures the low thermal losses of the collector. The insulation is protected by a 100 microns aluminum foil.

Collector's casing back plate is made of aluminum or PVC

The collector's glass is a solar low iron tempered glass with solar transmittance or more than 91% .

Our collectors were tested and approved by certified laboratories such as CENER and ITW in Europe which have tested the collectors according to the EN 12975 part 1+2 standards and by the SABS laboratory in South Africa according to the South African standards ,

Our collectors are certified in Europe by DINCERTCO for the Solar Key Mark certificate and by ESKOM in South Africa for the rebate program.

Accreditated collectors technical specifications
Solar Collectors (Type RS)

*RS - Prepainted Galvenized frame,
selective chrome coated absorvent.

RS1 Technical Specifictions

RS4 Technical Specifictions

Solar Collectors (Type RALS)

*RALS - Aluminum frame,
selective chrome coated absorvent.

RALS1 Technical Specifictions

RALS4 Technical Specifictions

Solar Collectors (Type RALT)

*RALT - Aluminum frame,
sputter blue coating.

RALT4 Technical Specifictions

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RS-RALS Flat Plate Collector Series

The copper piping is ultrasonically welded to the copper absorber plate, assuring more efficient and effective heat conductivity, Absorber plate coatings are available in sputter coating, black chorme selective coating or high efficiency solar paint.

The collector frame is made out of extruded Aluminum or Galvenized prepainted steel. Our Aluminum frame is coated according to customer requirements with anodize coating or superdurable powder paint or P.V.D.F wet coating. The casing back plate is made out of P.V.C or Aluminum. Collector casing is insulated using either high density CFC& halogen free polyurethane casting protected by 100 microns Aluminum foil or by wool glass boards. The cover plate is made of high efficiency 4 mm tempered glass, standard glass is available. Each collector undergoes 12 bars pressure tests whears the permitted working pressure is 8 bar.

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